How to tap into a pool of diverse, C-Level talent actively seeking new opportunities.

A summary of our most recent executive search highlights

The searches we take on are normally some of the most challenging assignments in global recruitment, and often ones where top-tier executive search firms have already tried and failed to find the right person.


When we engage in these searches using our digital / data-driven approach, we uncover large talent pools that our clients have not seen through any other channel, and, over 90% of the time, we end up filling the position.


But what happens to all the other outstanding candidates that we engaged that were not selected? It is quite rare that we engage in the same search twice, and therefore we are not able to offer these candidates other opportunities worthy of their track record and skill set.


With that in mind, we thought it could be of interest to share a list of the current and recent senior-level assignments that we are engaged in to see if you or someone at your organization could benefit from seeing a slate of candidates we have been able to present – please see an abbreviated list below:

  • 4 x COO – Insurance – UK / Ireland, Germany, France and Switzerland (All Diverse Talent)

  • SVP Human Resources Americas – Software – United States (All Diverse Talent)

  • Group CFO – Industrial Manufacturing – France (All Diverse Talent)

  • Chief Financial Officer – Automotive Manufacturing – Detroit, USA (All Diverse Talent)

  • Global SVP of HR – Financial Services – Across Europe

  • Global Head of Electronics BU – Industrial Manufacturing – China (All Diverse Talent)

  • Head of Finance, Europe – Luxury Brand – France (All Diverse Talent)

  • Global CEO of FinTech – Telecommunications – Africa (All African Diaspora)

  • Global SVP of Data Solutions – Financial Services – USA and Europe

  • Latam VP HR – Industrial Manufacturing – Flexible location in LatAm

  • CIO EMEA – Distribution / Logistics – Switzerland

  • Global VP of Talent – Industrial – France (All Diverse Talent)

  • Global VP Translational R&D – Pharmaceuticals – China (all international Chinese)

We can produce candidate slates for any position and industry worldwide within 5 working days, but given the scarcity of talent and the stickiness of the current market, I wanted to see if you could be interested in the candidates that we have sourced for the positions listed above.


Should you be interested in reviewing candidate profiles, please do not hesitate to reach out.




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