hiring executives during these times of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity.

Navigating Executive Search in Times of VUCA

VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) in the world economy is rising rapidly, with the recent collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, the Ukraine war, persistently high inflation, the supply chain crisis, political instability, climate change, and many other risks causing high degrees of concern. 

During periods of unpredictability, companies are reluctant to overspend. During a crisis, cash is king. Businesses however will still find it necessary to recruit top-level executives, and during times of fluctuation, unpredictability, intricacy, and obscurity, having exceptional leadership in position becomes more crucial than ever before.

But with such limited visibility of what is going to happen in the future, committing to costly upfront non-refundable retainer fees is not a good idea, not least because there is no guarantee that the position will still be needed or relevant by the time that a search firm comes back with a shortlist.

This is where TXT International can offer a highly effective alternative. We guarantee relevant and interested candidates for any Executive Position worldwide within one week of engagement with no fee due unless a person is hired, giving companies the flexibility to pause, cancel or change the search assignment without any financial risk. 

Internal candidates can be benchmarked against the external market, searches can be undertaken exclusively for diverse talent, and in the event that the market changes or the decision is made to promote from within, vital cash flow is not affected. 

TXT International has been successfully operating this digital, risk-free executive search model for more than 15 years with many of the world’s top multinationals across all industry sectors. At TXT International, we are experts in diversity-based search, leveraging our extensive network and deep understanding of diverse talent pools to identify and attract the best candidates from underrepresented groups. Furthermore, our database and search algorithms enable us to engage with difficult-to-access profiles, ensuring that we can present a diverse range of highly qualified candidates.

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