Unlock top-tier, diverse board members via our

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companies with significant Diverse leadership at the board level generated a ROE 36.4% higher than companies with non-diverse boards.*

Socially, it is the right thing to do. Economically, it is in your best interest.

More and more regulatory measures are being put in place, with the United Kingdom implementing a 40% board diversity quota, making the eighth European powerhouse to do so. In August 2022, South Korea enacted regulations on gender diversity in boards. In 2020, India mandated an independent female director in its top 1,000 companies. Malaysia set a 30% female director recommendation in its governance code in 2017.

While in The United States similar diversity requirements were recently reversed, pressure from forward-thinking investors to diversify boards continues to increase.

In short – diversifying your board has never been so important, and with us, it has never been this easy.

*based on a study by Investment Research Firm MSCI

How does the Map & Match Board Service work?​

Step 1: We use the same proprietary search algorithms we use for our executive search service to efficiently identify a spread of ideal candidates for your board opening.


Step 2: While we gladly offer our Map and Match Board Service to clients, we also extend the opportunity to act as your intermediary in forging connections. Through our tried-and-tested methods, we’ve observed superior results when our expertise is engaged in the introductory phase.


Step 3: We take a step back, allowing you to take center stage. We firmly believe that the heart of any interaction lies with you and your counterpart. Our role is to facilitate connections, and we have absolute confidence in your ability to navigate these relationships with your expertise.


We offer this service free of charge. If we can use our modern approach to recruitment to help make your life easier in any way, we will.

At this point you may be asking yourself: “so what’s the catch?” 

There is none. All we ask is that you keep us in mind for future executive searches.

Let us help you secure the best board members in the game with our innovative, efficient, and risk-free approach. 

How we Do it

We embrace a digital-first,
tech-powered strategy

We offer a risk-free,
results driven solution

We provide the best quality candidates in the market

Through a combination of our proprietary search algorithms, a deep understanding of the executive recruitment landscape, and adept execution by our consultants, we are able to seek out precise candidate profiles much more proficiently than our traditional headhunting counterparts.

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