A new digital solution for Board search

The perfect solution for finding game-changing talent capable of

Transforming portfolio companies

It is NOT all about who you know, after all.

When your personal network falls short, we provide the data-powered, digital solution

Finding capable, experienced board members for portfolio companies is pivotal in their success. Selecting a board member from your personal network is very limiting, and traditional search firms charge large up-front fees with no guarantee that they will deliver results. 


We recently launched a new service dedicated to Board level positions which is considerably more effective than traditional retained fee search, and are offering it to select Private Equity Organizations free of any charge. 



a case study, a success story

In our most recent PE Board Search, working for a leading global private equity investor with a portfolio of over $90 billion USD in assets, we identified and placed an Operating Partner/Board Member for our client in under a week. The Managing Director commented “I thought I knew everyone, I was impressed and humbled when TXT showed me that I don’t”


Though this service is less than two months old, we have clearly demonstrated value, and shown how we can fill a void in the market with our game-changing approach to finding and connecting you with the people your organization’s needs.

We would love to use our proprietary algorithms and cutting edge search techniques to connect you with desirable, talented, and high net worth individuals who are sure to add value to your organization.

How does the Map & Match Board Service work?

Step 1 – We have an exploratory call to understand and define your perfect candidate.

Step 2 – We use the same proprietary search algorithms we use for executive search to efficiently identify a map of potential board members.

Step 3 – With your feedback, we whittle down said map to a shortlist of targets you would like to connect with.

Step 4 – We reach out to the candidates, acting as your intermediary to help forge connections.

Through our tried-and-tested methods, we’ve observed superior results when our expertise is engaged in the introductory phase.

Step 5 – We take a step back, allowing you to take center stage.

Our role is to facilitate connections, and we have absolute confidence in your ability to navigate these relationships with your expertise.


Regardless of the outcome of your meetings, we offer this service completely free of charge. If we can use our modern approach to recruitment to help make your life easier in any way, we will.
Let us help you secure the best board members in the game with our innovative, efficient, and risk-free approach. 

How we Do it

We embrace a digital-first,
tech-powered strategy

We offer a risk-free,
results driven solution

We provide the best quality candidates in the market

Through a combination of our proprietary search algorithms, a deep understanding of the executive recruitment landscape, and adept execution by our consultants, we are able to seek out precise candidate profiles much more proficiently than our traditional headhunting counterparts.

LOCK IN the BEST TALENT for your Firm.