How to easily get in touch with C-Level talent currently seeking new opportunities.

Highlights from recent executive searches and top-notch talent actively seeking change.

We pride ourselves on working on some of the most challenging assignments in executive recruitment. Many of our searches are ones in which top-tier executive search firms have already tried and failed to find the right person and meet their clients’ needs.


We take a unique, innovative approach to executive search using our digital / data-driven methodology. This allows us to tap into significant talent pools that our clients have not uncovered through traditional channels, and, over 90% of the time, we fill the position.

After we fill a position, as a consequence of the recruiting process, we have several top-caliber candidates that we engaged with that were not selected. We do not typically engage in a similar search within a short timeframe, it’s just not how we operate. Because of this, we are not able to offer these candidates other positions deserving of their outstanding talents and track records.


We wanted to share a list of the current and recent senior-level assignments as of 1Q24 that we are engaged in to see if you or someone at your organization could benefit from seeing a slate of candidates:

  • CEO – Banking Industry – United States

  • CHRO – Industrial Manufacturing – Europe (All Diverse Talent)

  • General Manager – Artificial Intelligence Development – Germany

  • Business Development Director – Space and Defense Manufacturing – Brazil

  • CMO – Private-Equity Backed Industrial Manufacturing – United States (Diverse Talent)

  • 4 x COO – Insurance – Germany, Mexico, United States, and Romania (Diverse Talent)

  • Managing Director – Luxury Fashion – United States (All Diverse Talent)

  • Human Resources Director – Industrial Manufacturing – Belgium (All Diverse Talent)

  • Head of Digital Transformation – Insurance – Argentina

  • Managing Director, Global Data Solutions & Insights – Insurance – United States (Diverse Search)

  • CFO – Automotive Manufacturing – United States (All female talent)

  • CFO – Private-Equity Backed Industrial Manufacturing – Europe (Diverse Talent)

  • Global Finance Transformation Director – Luxury Fashion – Italy

  • Chief of Staff – Green Investment Firm – United States

We can procure outstanding candidate slates for any position and industry worldwide within 5 working days. Given the scarcity of game-changing talent and the persistent aversion to career changes in today’s market, I wanted to see if you could be interested in the candidates that we have sourced for the positions listed above.

Should you be interested in reviewing candidate profiles, please do not hesitate to reach out.


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