how lesser-known companies succed in attracting top-tier talent

You don’t need to be a household name to attract the best in the business.

At TXT International we pride ourselves on delivering the best talent in the market to each and every client regardless of their size, the strength of their employer brand, industry, or operating area.

We have a track record of attracting top talent from Fortune 500 companies to join smaller, lesser-known firms and our clients are constantly surprised by the quality of people we are able to produce for them.

A common question we hear is “Why is this person interested in working for us?”

Here is how we do it:

We use data to identify perfect candidates

Traditional, retained-fee search firms rely upon their “book” of candidates, personal networks, and referrals, which results in clients seeing less diversity, less digital, and less high potential / up-and-coming candidates that are not normally part of the old school networks.

We Excel at selling Job Opportunities

During a job briefing, we concentrate on WHY our client is looking to bring a senior executive on board, rather than focusing on the responsibilities of the position. With this insight, we create a value proposition and sales pitch that highlights the impact that someone can make in the firm, the challenges they will face, and the keys to success in the job. This drives a much higher response rate – with executives expressing an interest either because they have a strong track record in the areas of focus or they are keen to get more exposure to those areas.

We make it easy for candidates to engage with us

We lower the barrier to entry for candidates to engage by only conducting digital interviews, making it easy for passive candidates to find out more without too much commitment on their part. This also enables us to run searches regionally or globally for the best talent. 

We accompany both sides throughout the whole process

We do not charge a fee unless we are successful in filling the assignment, and so we have a strong vested interest in ensuring that the outcome is a success. At all stages, we check with both sides to address any concerns, obtain feedback, reconfirm interest, financial expectations, etc, and are ready to add additional candidates into the mix or change focus if we are not 100% in line with requirements. Using these techniques, we have an offer-to-acceptance ratio of over 90%.

Using these techniques we are able to produce slates of relevant, interested candidates for any position worldwide within 1 week of engagement that our clients would not have access to through traditional retained fee channels. We have been doing this successfully for over 15 years.

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